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About Mountain Country Nigerians

Mountain Country Nigerians is located in beautiful Colorado near Denver.  We have the pleasure of enjoying a gorgeous mountain view every day.  We added our first Nigerian Dwarf goat August of 2008 – Buttercup, a beautiful buckskin doe with frosted ears and nose.  We have since grown to a herd of 33 in a matter of two years.  As you can tell we just love these little guys.

My name is Sydney Burt and I am a 4-H leader and my children Jasmine, Mackenzie and Braden show our goats in 4-H as well as local dairy goat shows.  We love these little guys because they are just like little dogs wanting attention, they can be any color to show – which just adds to the fun and they are very manageable physically due to their size.

We enjoy their milk and being able to make various products from their milk – dairy products and soaps

Our goal is to improve upon the dairy characteristics of our existing goats through providing quality breeding.

We would surely keep them all if we could and will only sell to quality homes to quality people.  We want them to be treated always as we would treat them.

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