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Buttercup – Thunder Ridge Farm Buttercup
Peach – Olson Acres Peaches N Creme
Trixie – Gerle Ranch Trixie
Blossom – Little R&R Apple Blossom
Bailey – Velvet Acres Bailey
Sunshine – Prairie Wood Sunshine
Faith – Orchard Home Faith Star
Oreo – Prairie Wood Oreo
Magic – Prairie Wood Magic
Lacie – Velvet Acres Lacie
Honey – Velvet Acres Honey
Misty – Velvet Acres Misty
Minuit – Velvet Acres Minuit
Sydney – Prairie Wood Sydney
Jasmine – Prairie Wood Jasmine
Mackenzie – Orchard Home Mackenzie
Hot Chocolate – Prairie Wood Hot Chocolate
Chardonnay – Lost Valley ML Chardonnay
Christie – NC Promisedland RB Christie
Latte – Little Tots Estate Latte
Eclipse – NC Promisedland Eclipse
Pixie – Prairie Wood Pixie
Juliette – Mountain Country Juliette

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